Get customers on LRP, increase your retention, and grow your income 


without the chaos, overwhelm, and frustration you're so used to feeling. 

Say No More, I'm In!

If you’re a Wellness Advocate 

who is serious about building a successful essential oil business, you already know it's not without its challenges.

Creating solid, residual income that allows you to be debt-free, build up your savings account, travel with your loved ones, and be generous when and how you want to doesn't come without effort. And it certainly doesn't happen overnight. 

You surely have big dreams...but you might be struggling to reach them.

If so, you're in exactly the right place. I've been where you are, and I'm here to help if you'll let me. 


Hi, I'm Jenna.  

I've been a Wellness Advocate for 10 years now. And I've been the owner of Oil Camp Academy for 6 years. I've worked with a lot of doTERRA leaders in that time, and let me tell you what I've learned.

When I ask leaders what their 3 biggest pain points are, this is what I hear: 

  • "I can't get people on LRP."
  • "I can't find people to host classes."
  • "I can't find builders."

Sound familiar?? 

You're not alone.

These are the challenges that ALL doTERRA leaders face. 

And these are the things that, if you can flip them around, will grow your business like never before.

When we talk about income producing activities, what are they? 

  • Getting people on LRP
  • Finding people to host classes
  • Finding people to do the business with you

It sounds so simple, but it can feel so elusive! You’re trying. You’ve BEEN trying. For YEARS even.

Where do you find these amazing unicorn people???


Can I let you in on a little secret?


It doesn't have to be as hard as you're making it. 

You might just be approaching it from the wrong angle. 

You know where it all starts?




So many leaders get this backwards. They focus on finding new people, finding new people, finding new people. The last person didn’t get on LRP, but maybe the next one will. Try harder. Work longer. Make another call. Send another message. Offer another incentive. Join Diamond Club. Do another vendor event. If you could just…find…the right…people. 

Can you feel that anxiety rising? That hustle? That exhausted, discouraged, helpless feeling? 

Just pause for a minute. 

Take a breath. 

Let's strategize. 


You need to focus on RETENTION.



You know who gets on LRP? 

  • People who use their oils and have great experiences.

You know who wants to host classes? 

  • People who use their oils and have great experiences.

You know who wants to build the business? 

  • People who use their oils and have great experiences.


Do you see the pattern? 


Your entire business rides on people using their oils and having great experiences! 


But people don’t just come out of an intro class knowing everything they need to know to do this. Getting confident using essential oils is a process, and it takes coaching and support and hand holding. If customers don’t get that, they don’t buy again. (They don’t need to, their bottles are still full and they’re still regretting the money they spent last time.)

Customer support can’t be the thing you get around to with your leftover time after all your other tasks are done.


Customer education and support IS your business.

It’s not an afterthought, it’s your PRIORITY.


But let's be real here.

The overwhelm you feel is suffocating at times. The details to manage are endless. You have really good intentions, but it’s all just too much.

Let’s take a quick inventory. Have you ever promised a customer you would support them, and then totally dropped the ball?

As in, you TOLD them at the class that you would be there to help them figure everything out...but when it came down to it, you just couldn’t deliver on your promises?


I have.


I WANTED to do what I said I was going to do. But I was busy and I just couldn’t keep up with everyone and everything that needed my attention. I felt like I was drowning and there was always more to do than time to do it. 

And despite all that hustle…my retention rate?? TERRIBLE

  • I was great at enrolling, but not at getting people on LRP.
  • I was great at teaching classes, but not getting people to host them.
  • I was great at growing my business, but I was doing it alone. 


And it was a LOT . OF . WORK .


I tried to support my customers, but it was really hit and miss. 

Some people would get a welcome email, others wouldn’t hear from me for months.

Some would get a full Wellness Consult, others were lucky to get an invite to my Facebook group.

And then the worst…some would enroll and I’d tell them I’d be in touch to help them get started. But then I’d get busy and overwhelmed and so much time would go by that I would be too embarrassed to reach out so I just never, ever, talked to them again. Like, ever. 

To this day. 

Please tell me I’m not alone in this. 

I was so inconsistent. I had no system. No strategy. No way to wrap my arms around the whole big thing and make it manageable. I constantly felt like I was letting people down, and that felt awful. I was out of alignment with myself, promising things I couldn’t deliver on, and resenting my business more and more as time went on.  


But...I started this with a dream. 


Big dreams, actually. 

I wanted to be successful SO BADLY. 

I had grown my team to Gold in 6 months, and Diamond in 18 months. I knew how to hustle. I was willing to work hard, but it just felt so unsustainable. 

I was making good money, but it was like I was on a hamster wheel. Things kept growing as long as I didn’t stop. As long as I kept teaching classes and traveling and living on my phone and missing bedtime with my kids, my team kept growing. But–-did you catch it? 


I knew if I did, my team would start to fall apart. My retention was terrible but I was masking it with all my enrollments. It LOOKED like my team was growing. But I was losing people out the back end as quickly as I was bringing them in. If I stopped, it would all fall apart. 

  • My income would backslide. 
  • My husband would have to get a job again. 
  • I would have to let go of my dream and admit defeat. 
  • Maybe I was wrong. Maybe this network marketing thing doesn’t work after all.

But yet…my family was suffering.

I didn’t like the way I was showing up as a mother. I was making choices that I knew I might regret later. I didn’t know how long I could hold onto my dream.

I was starting to wonder–-really for the first time since I started doTERRA-–if it would ever…actually...be...WORTH IT. 


Can you relate?


Maybe you know how exhausting that emotional roller coaster can be. 

I realized I either needed to:

  • figure this out, or
  • quit and go back to life as it was before. 



I didn't want to quit. 

So I created Oil Camp. 


What is Oil Camp?


  • Oil Camp is a program that YOU provide your customers 

    I firmly believe that YOU need to be the face of leadership for your team, so (with a lot of support from me should you need it) you're going to be making simple VIDEOS that you can reuse over and over. Your customers need to see YOUR face, hear YOUR voice, listen to YOUR stories. I’ll walk you through every step to create your own customized camp, but it will be uniquely YOURS. 

  • Oil Camp is designed to support brand new oil users AND re-engage existing customers 

    It is a 10-day online education event strategically intended to take enrolled customers from casual product users to converted, lifelong product users, and it works! If your team is anything like mine, you probably have a lot of customers who don't want to be on Facebook. Using a platform called My Event Cafe you will be able to meet the needs of ALL your customers, regardless of their willingness to be on social media. And with built in reminders, your engagement will be BETTER than it would on Facebook!
  • Customer time commitment is 15-20 min/day

    In just 15-20 minutes a day, your customers will receive coaching, education, and support that will change their trajectory in doTERRA for good. Covering everything from the top 10 oils to safety to where to shop for essential oil supplies, your customers will leave camp armed with confidence and knowing what their resources are for the future.
  • Oil Camp produces highly satisfied customers 

    Having a high-quality education program in place where your customers can learn, practice using their oils, and be coached directly by you is a true value add for your customers. They’ve already spent their money with you, but you’re going to keep showing up for them anyway. Not just for a quick Wellness Consult…for WEEKS. If you want satisfied customers, this is how you get them! Having this experience ready and waiting for your new enrollees will build so much trust in you as a trustworthy resource. And with the inclusion of PRIZES for those who complete camp, your customers will leave feeling spoiled and grateful they joined YOUR team. 
  • Oil Camp creates community 

    Every Oil Camp post is designed to encourage participation and build community. Through welcoming, relatable language your customers feel right at home the moment they arrive. With the option of daily text reminders, engagement in camp is high, leading to a deeper relationship of trust between campers and coaches, but also between campers and their peers. 
  • Oil Camp is a team project 

    If you have leaders you wish would be more engaged in the business, get ready for a change. Oil Camp hands you teamwork on a silver platter. You don’t have to do this alone. You’ll be thrilled with the way Oil Camp helps to re-engage struggling leaders. It gives them a clear, simple way to be involved and grow not only their influence, but their enthusiasm for the business.
  • Oil Camp only needs to be created ONE TIME 

    Once you and your leaders create your own, customized Oil Camp ONCE, you never have to do it again! Simply rinse/repeat each month with a new group of customers! My Event Cafe makes it so easy to schedule a new camp from your Oil Camp template, allowing you to have a brand new, fresh event with no comments left from last time. 
  • Oil Camp is DONE FOR YOU 

    All of the heavy lifting has already been done. In the Base Camp training program, I provide you with everything you need to get your Oil Camp up and running in a matter of weeks. From crafting all the posts to teaching you how to get your leaders involved to providing you with video guides so you can be the face of leadership for your team to step-by-step checklists for each phase of camp, I've got you covered.

  •  All you need to do is plug in YOU! 


"Jenna Henrie's Oil Camp Academy is such a gift. I have experimented with many different programs for supporting and educating my new team members over the years, and am so happy to have found Oil Camp. I totally love the way Jenna's mind works. She is one of the smartest and most creative women I have ever met. Her simple, clear and thorough video modules and checklists made it possible for my leaders and me to create and begin implementing our own Oil Camp in less than 3 weeks! This system has allowed us to take our customer service to the next level, and to work smarter, not harder, as dōTERRA leaders. And the feedback from our customers has been extremely positive! Our "campers" have reported that they felt like part of something very special, learned so much, and had a lot of fun. They have thanked us again and again for providing them with the Oil Camp experience. Oil Camp has made our lives as team leaders easier, while increasing excitement and engagement on our team. Thank you for sharing your brilliance with the world, Jenna!"


Enroll in Base Camp Today

[The Oil Camp Training Program]


4 Monthly Payments of




A One-Time Payment of



"Never in my four years of sharing doTERRA have I been able to establish this kind of connection/communication among customers and leaders. Thank you so much for showing us step by step how to do this."

Kelley W -- Diamond


"Oil Camp has totally calmed the crazy....on my team and in my business.  I loved how easy and thorough the templates were to follow and implement. I've been wanting to find a way to get my leaders more involved and this was truly the answer. It gives each of them the opportunity to make a significant contribution and took so much of the pressure off of me! I was able to get it up and running in about 10 days time and the results have been nothing but positive from our newest enrollments. Oil Camp is helping create the team culture and bond that I've been wanting for some time now!

- Jodie H -- Gold


"I attended Convention on a mission to ask as many Diamonds (and above) what is one thing that moved their business the most. I asked over a dozen Diamonds and above, and the majority all said Oil Camp. I went home and purchased Base Camp the next day."

- Audra B -- Diamond


What’s Inside Base Camp

[The Oil Camp Training Program]


Module 1

[Getting Started]

In Module 1 you'll get oriented to the course, be introduced to My Event Cafe, set up your account with all the right preferences, and request the Oil Camp template be added to your account. You'll leave Module 1 with all the groundwork in place to start creating your camp! 

Module Highlights:

  • Choosing Your Launch Date
  • Introduction to My Event Cafe
  • Setting Up Your Account
Module 2

[Orientation to Oil Camp Part 1]

There is a LOT of theory behind Oil Camp, and in Module 2 you'll get all the info you need to understand the ins and outs of running Oil Camp. From logistical details, to how big your camp should be, to the role of Oil Camp Coaches, to why I care so much about YOU being the face of leadership for your team, you'll leave Module 2 with the understanding you need to facilitate an effective Oil Camp.

Module Highlights:

  • What EXACTLY is Oil Camp?
  • How Big Should Your Camp Be?
  • What Are Oil Camp Coaches (and what do they do?) 
  • It Has To Be YOU
Module 3

[Orientation to Oil Camp Part 2]

A continuation from Module 2, in Module 3 we'll finish the framework details you need to know to get the most from your camp.

Module Highlights:

  • Points and Prizes - How and Why
  • Points and Prizes - What and When
  • Walk-Through of the Camp
  • Rank Specific Adaptations
Module 4

[Collaborating On Your Camp]

Now that we've laid all the groundwork, you're ready to talk to your leaders about Oil Camp and invite them to participate! Module 4 if your information hub for all things leader/coach related. 

Module Highlights:

  • Getting Your Leaders On Board
  • Communication 101
  • Leader Resources
Module 5

[Customizing Your Camp]

This is where it all starts coming together! You've talked to your leaders, everyone understands the assignment, and now you start making videos! If this is uncomfortable for you or you shy away from technology, don't worry. I'll walk you through every step with very clear tutorials. And bonus...the things you learn here you'll apply in all sorts of places in your business! You'll feel so accomplished at the end of this module!

Module Highlights:

  • Getting on Camera
  • Making Your Day 1 Orientation Video
  • Video Hosting
  • Customizing Your Oil Camp
  • Creating Your Completion Survey
Module 6

[Prepping Your Camp]

Module 6 is all about prepping your camp well so everything goes off without a hitch! Your customers will love the smooth, professional feel of the entire experience, from registration to closing day. And for those of you who love organization and record keeping, your little hearts will sing at this module. For those of you who don't, well, give me a chance. You might just find that getting things organized takes a big mental load off! It will feel so good to show up on Day 1 knowing all the details are thoroughly covered. 

Module Highlights:

  • Customizing Your Registration
  • Scheduling and Inviting
  • Let's Talk Strategy
  • Pre-Camp Checklist
  • Creating the Roster
Module 7

[Coaching Your Camp]

No matter how good the content is, the success of your camp ALWAYS comes down to the quality of your coaching. In Module 7, I'll show you EXACTLY how to be a stellar coach who produces great results!

Module Highlights:

  • The Right Mindset
  • The Camp Checklist
  • How To Be An Awesome Coach
Module 8

[Closing Your Camp]

This is where we wrap everything up! You'll learn about the amazing, built-in point tracking tools in My Event Cafe, what to do AFTER camp ends, and how to keep your customers engaged going forward. And my FAVORITE...how to get REFERRALS from Oil Camp! This is where you'll really start to see the power of Oil Camp to not only improve your retention, but help grow your business on the front end as well. It's pure magic. 

Module Highlights

  • The Post-Camp Checklist
  • Point Tracking Tutorial
  • How to get REFERRALS from Oil Camp


Then you get to sit back and give yourself a HUGE high-five! Maybe take a hot bath with a fizzy bomb and your favorite essential oils.

Do SOMETHING to celebrate because YOU DID IT!!!

You completed your first Oil Camp (where the learning curve is by far the steepest), and it will only get easier from here.

That's a promise.  

Enroll in Base Camp Today

[The Oil Camp Training Program]

4 Monthly Payments of




A One-Time Payment of



Plus These Bonuses to

Help You Get This Done

  in the Easiest Way Possible  


Bonus 1

4 Live Q&A Sessions

As comprehensive as the course is, you may end up with questions or want to brainstorm ideas. This is your chance! I only offer live support a few times a year, so join us now to get regular access to me during the course! 

What You’ll Get:

  • Private community to get support and idea share with other leaders 
  • Live Q&A Sessions via Zoom to ask questions and get coaching
  • Replay of all Q&A's if you can't attend live
Bonus 2

4-Day Coach Camp 

You want your leaders involved, but you're busy. This is new. Figuring out how to communicate everything you're learning and get your leaders on board feels like a PROJECT. A project you don't have time for.  So with this new bonus, I'm going to take that off of your plate right now. I've created a 4-Day Coach Camp where I will teach your leaders everything they need to know so you don't have to! 

What You’ll Get: 

  • 4 days of go-at-your-own-pace, online training for your coaches utilizing My Event Cafe
  • Offered multiple times throughout the course to fit your leaders' schedules
  • Opportunity for your leaders to attend an event and get comfortable with My Event Cafe before coaching your camp
  • Your leaders will have direct access to me so I can answer their questions (and you don't have to!)
Bonus 3

2 Months FREE at My Event Cafe

I've partnered with My Event Cafe to bring you this special bonus...60 days to set up your camp and trial it for your team at NO COST TO YOU.

What You’ll Get:

Offer a high-level overview of what’s inside the bonus in bullet point form so that it’s easy to read and conveys the benefits.

  • Free 60-day trial, no credit card required
  • Access to My Event Cafe's private group for questions and support
  • The Oil Camp template automatically added to your account so you don't have to copy and paste a thing!



The first 10 people to purchase will receive a

1:1 strategy session

with me after your first camp ends!


We'll use this time to

debrief your camp, troubleshoot any

areas you need extra support with, and plan for your next steps. 

I have NEVER offered this extra access before, so get in on it while you can!

Plus, You'll be Backed by a Risk-Free

60-Day Guarantee

You guys, I am CONFIDENT Oil Camp will streamline your customer education, improve your retention, and help you grow your team like never before. You will come out of it feeling more excited, more confident, and more hopeful about your business than you have in a long time.

I've seen it over and over with leaders from all around the world. 

I want you to have these benefits in your business. But I also know, if you're anything like me, you've tried a LOT of trainings over the years and you've probably been burned a time or two. It is SO FRUSTRATING to invest your hard-earned money into a training program and come out of it with nothing but regret.

I've been there. And I want to remove that fear for you right now.


I'll give you a full 60 days to decide if Oil Camp was worth your money. 


All you need to do is take my course, create your Oil Camp, and run it one time for your team. (This can be accomplished in 30 days, but I'll give you 60 to make it as easy and stress-free as possible.) 

If you get to the end of your first camp and don't experience enthusiasm from your customers, more engagement from your leaders, or just don't think it will do what I've said it will... no problem. Just email us at [email protected] and we'll process a complete refund.

It's that simple. 

4 Monthly Payments of




A One-Time Payment of



Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions? I have answers!

"Oil Camp has been a game changer for me and it can be for you as well!  Jan 2021-April 2021, I personally enrolled 9 people. All attended Oil Camp. 8 of the 9 are on LRP & LLV. This is the norm for me and I find it curious that all builders are not taking advantage of this valuable resource!" 

Roberta R -- Silver


"Jenna and team, I just want to give a huge SHOUT OUT and deep gratitude for all that you are building, creating, and doing for all of us. Oil Camp was by far the BEST decision and investment in my business since I started my business. Like most of us, we all have things going on in our lives and this came at a time I desperately needed to lead and support my leaders and team in a new way, and I had LITTLE time to do it. So THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. I am a forever fan and am implementing everything. I love it and so does my team. 

- Karen H -- Gold


"This is THE best money I have ever spent on my doTERRA business. Totally changed how we educate our team and increased the engagement of all of our leaders!!!" 

- Tara C -- Diamond





Our OV has tripled since we started running Oil Camp. 

Matt T - Blue Diamond

Enroll in Base Camp Today

[The Oil Camp Training Program]

4 Monthly Payments of




A One-Time Payment of



Still thinking about it?


Base Camp is PERFECT for you if... 

  1. You're ready to move from "sharing" to "building" and want to set yourself up for success from the beginning.
  2. You've been at this for a while and you're not seeing the results you thought you would by now.
  3. Your team grew rapidly and you're drowning in chaos and need a system to keep you sane.
  4. Your business is thriving and you're looking to go further, faster, with less frustration.
  5. You're battling mom-guilt and need to work smarter, not harder, to make this sustainable.
  6. You're already investing 6+ hours per week actively trying to grow your doTERRA business.
  7. You're ready to give retention the attention it deserves.
  8. You're not afraid to step up as the leader for your team.
  9. You're ready to change your business for the better...and for good.

I can’t wait for you to join me at Base Camp.

I'll teach you everything you need to know to begin offering your own, customized Oil Camp for your team. 

Oil Camp brought the joy back into my business. It gave me a plan, it created order, it helped reengage my leaders, it inspired my customers to join LRP, it helped me find sharers and builders, and so much more. But one of my very favorite wins? 

It gave me my confidence back. 

Knowing you have rockstar customer support in place changes EVERYTHING about how you show up in your business. You feel prepared. You feel in control. You feel ready to receive. You feel like there's no better place for your customers to be than with you.

And that is a really good feeling.


When I was in the thick of the overwhelm, there was nothing available to help me. There was no system, no template, no roadmap to follow.

I spent hundreds and hundreds of hours creating a customer education system that would be engaging, informative, and--most importantly--effective

I want to save you all that time. I want to spare you the effort and frustration. It's ready and waiting for you. All you have to do is choose in. 


Oil Camp works.


It worked for me, it has worked for hundreds of other leaders, and it will work for you, too.


  • If you are serious about building a doTERRA business that will last for years to come, Oil Camp is for you. 
  • If you want supporting your customers to be easier, more streamlined, and less chaotic, Oil Camp is for you.
  • If you want to build a team culture that is engaging, welcoming, and fun, Oil Camp is for you.
  • If you want more confidence as you close your classes, Oil Camp is for you.
  • If you want your retention rate to increase dramatically, Oil Camp is for you.
  • If you want to find sharers and builders, Oil Camp is for you.
  • If you want to grow your team, rank advance, and realize more income, Oil Camp is for you.
  • If you want really satisfied customers who bring you more customers, Oil Camp is for you.
  • If you want more time with your family and less time on your phone, Oil Camp is for you.
  • If you want to reach more people, have more meaningful connections, and do more good in the world, Oil Camp is for you.
  • If you want to start TRULY LOVING your business again, Oil Camp is for you.


And best of all, you can try it risk free for 60 days. 

You can start TODAY to change your business for good. 

Don't let another year go by with a retention rate that makes you want to cry. I can help you with this. 


Promise I can. 


I'll be waiting for you on the inside. 



Enroll in Base Camp Today

[The Oil Camp Training Program]

4 Monthly Payments of




A One-Time Payment of